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's no more. so, of course, it's fearful. it's really uncertain situation. >> ifill: and jeffrey brown explores the merits of a liberal arts education with columbia university professor andrew delbanco, author of a new book called "college." >> the college classroom should be a place where students learn to speak with civility, to listen with respect to each other and, most of all, to realize that they might walk into the room in one point of view and they might walk out with another. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> this is the at&t network-- a living, breathing intelligence bringing people together to bring new ideas to life. >> look, it's so simple. >> in here, the bright minds from inside and outside the company come together to work on an idea, adding to it from the road, improving it in the cloud, all in real time. >> good idea. >> it's the at&t network. providing new ways to work together, so business works better. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved
with making false statements about payments to sulaimon brown. sources say brooks will enter a guilty plea tomorrow and then look to cooperate in the probe. did you know of this activity, what they were doing? >> again, i'm not going to comment at this stage. >> reporter: thomas gore, assistant treasurer in the gray campaign, pleaded guilty in court yesterday to trying to obstruct the investigation by destroying a notebook where payment to brown were recorded. new information from sources say the payments to sulaimon brown amounted to nearly $1,800 in roughly 20 money orders. >> vincent gray's campaign specifically, mayor vincent gray, gave me cash and money orders to maintain my campaign for mayor, cover living expenses and attack then mayor fenty. >> reporter: sulaimon brown says he was also promised a job. he got a position in the administration, but then was fired for alleged in competence. in a statement today brown said mayor gray should resign from office. prosecutors meanwhile are giving both gore and brooks time to cooperate in the investigations. in other words, name names. bru
candidate brown to verbally attack then-mayor fenty. tonight, many still want ton if mayor gray had knowledge of this. vincent gray's campaign for mayor was a long time ago but questions about what went on behind the scenes won't go away. mayor gray refused to talk about two of his campaign workers charged this week. >> this is an ongoing pending investigation and there is nothing, really, i can comment on and this is obviously continuing to unfold. >> reporter: according to authorities, brown was not lying when he said members of gray's campaign paid him to stay in the race. brown has always said that the mayor knew about it. the mayor always denied it. >> i think i will stay with what i said before and there is that continuing investigation. it has been for months. >> reporter: wednesday, gray's campaign worker howard brooks was charged with making a false statement to the fbi when he said he never gave money to brown's campaign. we went to brooks' silver spring home seeking comments but no one answered the door. before he was charged this morning, council hab mary chay, who led a
campaign donations to pay off former candidate, sulaimon brown. the deal called for brown to take money in exchange for verbal attacks on mayor adrian fenty. he did not know about plans to pay brown. matt acklin has more. >> does the mayor know about any of this? >> reporter: no comment from tho thomas gore. earlier, he admitted to a federal judge that he would take out money orders, give them to another unnamed campaign worker, who would then give them to sulaimon brown. a total of $660 worth. and when sulaimon brown went to the media, gore says he shredded a notebook with payment records. >> i think mr. gore said in court today that there was an agreement between he and, i think it was person a. and person a did his part. mr. gore did his part. >> gore's attorney tells us his client is working with federal authorities as they continue their probe into gray's campaign. >> whatever they asked. >> cook believes federal authorities are not done yet. >> i believe that the government will charge additional fee. >> one of those people might be who prosecutors refer to as person a. go
of the plans for a memorial service for music legend chuck brown. he died last week after being hospitalized for pneumonia. his daughter tells "the washington post" that a viewing is planned for tuesday at the howard theatre. the paper also reports that brown's funeral will take place at the verizon center or the convention center next thursday. we checked with brown's manager. he says that the details have not been finalized and they are subject to change. we will let you know when the services are finalized on our newscast as well as on our website, on facebook and also twitter. >>> the man who runs the secret service is facing tough questions about the prostitution scandal rocking his agency. danielle nottingham reports that scandal is forcing agencies to revise their codes of conduct. >> reporter: secret service director mike sullivan told lawmakers the misconduct of agents in the columbian prostitution scandal did not endanger president obama. sullivan is on the hot seat following revelations that secret service agents hired prostitutes in colombia prior to president obama's a
'm gwen ifill. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the "newshour" tonight: we have the latest on this historic day, coming 15 months after the ouster of president hosni mubarak. >> ifill: then, we look at the facebook fallout as the social media giant's market debut falters out of the gate. >> brown: we have two on-the- ground reports on europe's economic troubles from spain and greece, where austerity measures are hitting home for ordinary citizens. >> ifill: we examine the iran nuclear talks in baghdad as world powers float a proposal to curb tehran's enrichment program. >> brown: and we close with the diamond anniversary of an american treasure. spencer michels has the story of building san francisco's golden gate bridge. >> it's not all celebration, a 75-year-old controversy has flared anew over who should get the credit for designing this spectacular bridge. >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour haseeidn pry:pr bed b and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by
brown. no comment from thomas gore as he left court he a is long time -- he is a long time friend of the mayor and admitted in court to taking out $660 in money orders and passing them on to person a referred to in court documents the money was then given to suleman brown. mary che tells us the investigation is still ongoing. >> all of us are waiting for whatever shoes may drop. that is to say does the prosecutor have further information are other people going to be indited or enter into an arrangement. >>> gore admitted that, when brown went to the media to talk about fente. he shredded a notebook with payment records because he knew what he was doing was illegal. >>> president obama will deliver the commencement address at the airforce academy in colorado. since 2009 the president delivered a speech to service academy graduates in annapolis, west point, new york, and new london connecticut. >>> mitt romney sweeps both of yesterday's primaries in kentucky and arkansas and now looks like he is a week away from locking up the gop nomination officially leaving him 80 votes short of
campaign into the hands of another candidate in 2010, sulaimon brown. brown says the gray campaign paid him to verbally attack another candidate, the then incumbent mayor adrian fenty. mayor gray continues to deny wrongdoing. >> wouldn't be doing my job if i didn't ask the question. did you know of this activity, what they were doing? >> again i'm not going to comment at this stage. we'll let the investigation play out as well as it should. >> yesterday former campaign worker thomas gore pleaded guilty to his role in the scheme to funnel money to brown. >>> deeply disappointed and sorry, that's what the head of the secret service had to say to a panel of senators about the agency's colombian prostitution scandal. director mark sullivan testified about the incident before the senate homeland security committee today, that as reports now surface that some agents claim they're just scapegoats for the behavior the agency already knew about and condoned. one senator pointed out the agents involved it register the women under their real -- did register the women under their real names. >> that su
you to know who they are. for one thing, reverend brown in the front. can we get a round of applause for the president of the commission? we have thjoyce armstrong. right now, i will ask for a round of applause for the housing authorities executive director. >> good morning, everyone. for those of you who do not know me, and henry. when i am running around in our communities, most folks -- i am so excited that you are here today. we have been working on this center for some time. today, we get to give it back to the residents in this community. thank you. absolutely. i think it is stellar. it is awfully exciting. we have a lot of dignitaries here this morning. i am going to get at of the way so we can get the program moving along. i want to introduce the best mayor i have ever worked for. >> good afternoon, everyone. welcome to rosa parks community center. it is my pleasure to join it with our police chief, housing authority commissioners, the great work they are doing with our director to help open up this revitalized community center. this center serves almost 300 come up probably
its alcohol policy -- has already banned foreign nationals in hotel rooms. >> sulaimon brown is calling on mayor gray to resign after his former campaign aide aid -- campaign aide pleaded guilty to destroying evidence during a 2010 campaign rate. he has said he was paid to make negative comments about then mayor adrian fenty. mayor gray has denied the allegations did a massive fire destroyed an abandoned home in and around the county. it started early this morning in pasadena. crews say the home was covered in raging flames when they arrived. it took time to distinguish the fire. it is not clear what start that fire. rain is finally moving out. the sun may be here to stay, maybe for a couple hours. >> we will see a lot more of the sun in the next couple of days. here is a time lapse from early this morning. a beautiful sunrise. you will not want to miss the sun rise i will share with you later in the show. 70's. 75, arlington. l delphi -- a edolphus, 77. lower 80's in some spots south of town. localized heavy rainfall. we already have action out there. i will be back in a few
with making a false statement. it involves the candidate who verbally abused during the debates. brown started telling reporters that howard brooks paid him to be on the attack. this comes one day after thomas gore, in another of his campaign aides, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice for destroying a notebook of payments made to brown. mayor gray, it is a rough welcome home with a residence looking at his man howard brooks who is in trouble. >> he is covering up for the mir. i think so. i think the mayor is involved. >> howard brooks is expected to plead guilty for lying to the fbi. it is believed to be brooks who wore a wire and trapped thomas gore who pleaded guilty yesterday. in the past gray said he did not know anything about it. today he said he would not comment. brown issued a statement saying mayor barry should resign immediately if not sooner. >> thank you. we have more on this story. we will keep you updated on the latest scandal on our web site >> a nationally recognized tae kwan doe instructor is charged. he runs a martial arts school. a former student accused him
to charges he helped funnel money to then minor candidate sewell eight mon brown. prosecutor charged a second operative. howard brooks with false statement to the fbi about this. brooks had been cooperating with authorities in charges against him. now indicate another major step in the investigation. mayor vincent gray, his campaign activities under investigation, turned aside all questions about the corruption cases. including the u.s. attorney's statement that gray's campaign activities deceived voters. the u.s. attorney has said in yesterday's thomas gore case, in 2010, the voters were deceived by your campaign. >> well, i think you know there is an ongoing penning investigation so there is nothing really i can comment on this. it is obviously continuing to unfold will. >> reporter: you know mr. gore and mr. brooks, any personal feelings even though you can't comment on the race -- i mean, the investigation itself? >> well, i think not. i think i'll just stay with the, what i said before. there is obviously a continuing investigation. it has been for months and i've said pretty much the sa
-go will be remembered for generations to come. >> the kids created a masterpiece to honor chuck brown and beth parker take a look. >> that is ingenius like that. >> there is a little neon green in there too. >> we love you, chuck. we love you, chuck. >> the beat. i like the way his beat goes. >> when chuck brown died, we realized the impact he had on d.c. as a whole and we realized there weren't any murals of him in d.c. >> reporter: the kids at macfar land middle school in petworth are changing that. >> a lot of the kids want to be athletes and musicians and art is not always the coolest job field or career choice. i think it is my job to expose them to that and get them hooked. >> reporter: and now even the paint brushes are dancing. >> at my age, i could go on the dance floor. you could for the stit sit still with him. >> i love him. i'm going to miss him. he was for the people and by the people. >> it is not going to be perfect but it is about the idea and the imagery. >> when i heard about it friday, i said i would stop by. >> here friday night until about 10:30. >> we had to get the tall ladder
it was a pending investigation. thomas gore and brocks worked together to pay the former mayoral candidate brown, prosecutors say they used funds from gray's campaign to pay off brown. yesterday, gore pleaded guilty to four charges, including obstruction of justice and howard brooks was charged with lying to the fbi about giving money to brown. >> i think there is an ongoing pending investigation and there is nothing that i can comment on this stage. it's obviously continuing to unfold. >> reporter: the mayor made that comment three or four times and when we canned him, he didn't want to go any further. we went to howard brocks' home to seek comment and no one came to the door and brookes is expected to go before a federal judge. >>> the roger clemens trial began today and gene moynihan testified about the former -- former piper's relationship with the strength coach and saying he once wrote to clemons and maintains complete confidence and respect for him. he testified he injected him with steroids. clemmens is accused of lying to congress. >>> and on to virginia, a ti81 do instructor is accused
in paying sulaimon brown or offering him a job in exchange for a tax on former mayor, adrian fenty. it appears a campaign aid, thomas gore, sure did. no comment from thomas gore as he left court today. gore is a friend and long time campaign worker for vincent gray. he admitted in court today to taking out a total of $660 worth of money orders and passing them on to a person referred to as person a. he says person a would then give those money orders to sulaimon brown. gore admitted when brown went to the media about being paid to attack fenty, he shredded a notebook with payment records because he knew what he was doing was illegal. gore's attorney says he believes others will be charged and here's what he had to say about mayor gray. >> nothing in the statement mentions any participation mayor gray. >> thomas gore could face time in prison for these charges, but a judge said that prosecutors could recommend a lighter sentence if gore continues to cooperate with federal authorities as they continue their investigation into the gray campaign. in the newsroom, fox 5 news. >>> pres
to then minor candidate sulaimon brown for his attacks on mayor adrian fenty. on wednesday, prosecutors charged a second campaign operative, howard brooks, with false statements to the fbi about the scheme to finance sulaimon's attacks. brooks has been cooperating with authorities and reportedly wore an undercover wire for investigators last year. charges against him now indicate another major step in this investigation. mayor vin send gray, his campaign activities under investigation, turned aside all questions about the corruption cases including the u.s. attorney's statement that gray's campaign activities deceived voters. >> the u.s. attorney has said in yesterday's thomas gore case, in 2010 the voters of the district of columbia were deceived by your campaign. >> i think you know there's an ongoing pepping investigation. so there's nothing really i can come on this. it is continuing to unfold. >> you know mr. gordon, mr. brooks, any personal feelings even though you can be comment on the race -- i mean, the investigation itself? >> i think not. >> the mayor aggressively changed the subject
of these asian pacific heritage month associations, mayor willie brown. >> this evening, we are celebrating our communities from all over the world. i am so lucky to be the mayor of an international city. we talked a lot about diversity, but we also celebrates in so many ways. it is marvelous to hear the names of all these council generals from all around the world. we also have some invaluable participants that represent the city relations. from osaka, singapore, shanghai, taipei, and seoul, korea. they're working with our offices and communities to promote education, trade, allow ourselves to educate ourselves continuously about the need to have a more advanced, smarter immigration policy for our country. and also one that we enjoy celebrating because we get a lot of talent from the other countries, which is why we want to be a gateway to the world. that is why we enjoy the celebration so much. with that, i like to invite former mayor willie brown and also the supervisors, please join us on the stage and be part of the witness and of the signing of the proclamation for this year imposed a cel
on the yesterday's drive morning's rain. it's thursday, may 23. i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. we will have traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, adam caskey. >> the rena is letting up right now. have a small stream flood warning in prince william county and around manassas. that is for the next several hours. levels are up. let's look at live super doppler 7 radar. slowly drifting east, through the beltway in even montgomery 270.y and up 395 and creeping into prince county, along the down 95.and it is 61 degrees in winchester, dry. 66 in college park. partial sunshine today. cloudy this morning, sunshine afternoon, then more thunderstorms later today. rainfall within some of storms and there could be areas of flash flooding later on today? . degrees for the high temperature. more thunderstorms yesterday. possibly lasting until friday. it will be hot this weekend, the low 90s by the end of weekend with the of thundershowers especially on sunday. now to lisa baden. >> waiting for an updated list of foreclosures. we would not be surprised if that would include aden road at.
. >> straight up 5:00 on this wednesday morning, i am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for waking up with us. traffic and weather every ten minutes, lisa baden standing by, but we start with meteorologist adam caskey. >> we do have some concerns for flash floods later this afternoon and into tonight with more localized heavy rainfall possible later on today. there's a flood warning for small streams right now in prince william county, manassas, and manassas park until 10:00 a.m. there's just a little sprinkle after northwest d.c. arlington, 66 north along the beltway across the american legion bridge to the spu, a light sprinkle, that's all. that is falling apart. the rain is ending and we will see sunshine later on today. that will lead to thundershowers this afternoon and evening. it will be warm and muggy, 80 degrees. more localized heavy rainfall is possible. we have some concerns for what could turn into flash floods tonight. >> we will keep an eye on that. northern virginia residents of their morning routine is a little drier today. correct yesterday's flooding led to several r
a part-time job. officials will join family and friend of the late trooper wesley brown to dedicate a highway signs in his honor. the maryland state highway administration will put up a sign with brown's name along i-495 near the forestville barracks. the 24-year-old was shot and killed working security at the appleby's in forestville in 2010. cyril williams is serving a life sentence without parole for brown's death. >>> subpoenas went out for morgan stanley following facebook's disappointing performance on wall street. the bank is accused of sharing insider information. morgan stanley allegedly told investors the social network's business wasn't as strong as expected. investors also suing nasdaq claiming orders for shares were mishandled, causing investors to lose millions of dollars. facebook lost nearly $10 billion of its market value since going public. >>> mitt romney is now within striking distance of securing the republican nomination for president in decision 2012. romney swept the primaries in kentucky and arkansas last night with 67 and 68% of the vote respectively. accor
candidate, seoul i map brown and shredding records of it. his lawyer spoke about the mayor outside the court. >> nothing in the statement of offense mentions any participation by mayor grey in nation. >> in court, gore also acknowledged that brown was paid to stay in the race to continue making negative comments about then mayor adrian fenty. >>> d.c. police and fire department unions are demanding an investigation into the discovery of burned documents found at the fire department training academy. d.c. firefighters were called to the academy on friday to put out a fire. it turns out the burping p apers -- the burning papers were personnel documents that included training and medical records, social security numbers and home addresses. more records were found in a nearby abandoned car as well. >>> in maryland, a couple of boat thieves thought they hadout smarted a surveillance camera. they were wrong. the morning after the height, the president of boe marine watched the hole video that you are seeing. he saw the guys bring in a truck, hook it up for the boat and take off. boat is worth abou
-bye to the godfather of go-go next week. the "washington post" is reporting that one of chuck brown's daughters says plans are in place for an all-day public viewing at the howard theater. that will be next tuesday, the 29th. a funeral service will be held on thursday. those services could be held at the washington convention center or the verizon center. >>> the private school that president obama's daughters attend is debunking a prank email sent to parents. sidwell friends said someone sent a message saying condoms would be available at school bathrooms, at dances and other school functions. that according to the washingtonian. the email claimed inappropriate sexual behavior was the reason for the condom distribution. the message went to parents at the upper school at its wisconsin avenue campus. another email shortly after addressed it as a prank. >>> it's nine minutes after 11:00. coming up on "news4 midday," frightening claims. what one woman said that forced an international flight to be diverted. >>> plus, feeling a little itchy? it may be some mosquito, they're out there all right. why the
then pass them to suleman brown. they totaled $660. his lawyer spoke about the mayor outside court. >>th inning in the -- nothing in the statement of defense mentions any participation by mayor grey in anything. >> in court, gore also acknowledged brown was paid to stay in the race to continue making negative comments about then mayor fente. for more on the race in district i am joined by mary che thanks for coming in. how signature is this? these developments with the case. >> pretty significant in terms of an investigation that could touch close to the mayor, but so far, there is no information that suggests that the mayor himself was involved in anything and we as members of the public can't know precisely what he is telling federal authorities. it is fairly significant usually when someone enters a plea they have agreed to co- operate and furnish all the information they know. >> the lawyer we heard him say as you said the mayor has not been directly implicated in any of this. is that what you would have said yourself as legal counsel there? >> certainly you have to portray the fact
morning, everybody. so good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. the director of the secret service will speak publicly for the first time about last month's prostitution scandal. mark sullivan will tell the senate committee there was no security breach. and that the agents' reckless behavior was an isolated incident. susan mcginnis is in washington this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. sullivan is going to tell congress today that these men were not informed about the president's plans and that they were going to be informed after this night of partying. he'll also tell them these men are not representative of the 7,000 workers at the secret service. the head of the secret service agency heads to capitol hill today. mark sullivan will answer to congress about the prostitution scandal involving some of his agents. 200 secret service personnel were in colombia in april, preparin for the president's visit there. of those, 12 were investigated, 9 were found to have been involved, 3 cleared of wrongdoing. >> the first question i pose to the director was, was ther
to then candidate suleiman brown. he could get up to 18 months in prison. >>> there could be other charges coming as the feds have subpoenaed a number of city council offices in this case. coming up next hour, we'll be speaking about the case with ward three councilmefire department unions are demanding an investigation into discovery of burped documents found at the fire department train ago academy. the burning papers were personnel documents for firefighters and police in d.c. the information included training and medical records, social security numbers and home addresses. more records were found in a nearby abandoned car. >>> maryland governor mart up o'malley has signed several new bills into law. it includes a high left hand contested tax increase to individuals making more than $100,000 a year and coupled making more than $150,000. this is also a tobacco tax hike. maryland is now also officially the first state to ban arsenic in chicken feed. also, there is a new law updating maryland's legal definition of a child. the "washington post" reports it will now include children conceived and b
them to then mayoral candidate sulaimon brown. he also confessed to lying to the f.b.i. about destroying a ledger showing the payoffs. sentencing date has not been set so far. >>> the presidential election is just over five months away and the campaign trail comes to our region today. presumptive republican nominee mitt romney will be at the chamber of commerce later today. he'll address the latino coalition's 2012 small business summit. the event begins at noon. >>> romney is closer to clinching the nomination but not quite there yet. he won the primaries in arkansas and kentucky yesterday. he now has 1,065 delegates but that's still 79 shy of the amount needed to secure the g.o.p. nomination. >>> montgomery county wants to build a new bus system across the country, and you could pay for it whether you ride it or not. the county is planning 160-mile rapid bus transit system to complement the radio network. -- radio network -- ride on network. it could mean a hike in taxes. if it's approved the county believes the system would take nine years to build. >>> vdot says what drive
a system to be able to track real-time jerry brown's speech. so when jerry brown had an appearance there would be someone from the whitman campaign with an iphone that could then was live streaming back to whitman campaign headquarters so that the communications team could be emailing reporters responses to the actual charges that jerry brown was making in real-time, and it was the first time they had been able to piece together something like that and now you're seeing campaigns at the state level doing that type of thing now. of course at the national level you have a live stream with television stations. but as to whether or not a campaign actually made the difference, you know, in kind of an unconventional way brian billbray a congressman in san francisco in 2006, a special the election, duke cunningham had been run out of town for good reason and that was a hotly contested seat and seen as a bellwether to see how the 2006 house congressional the elections would ultimately fare. unfortunately it was not the bellwether that the republicans had hoped. but the rnc were providing a
to the economy. and downtown jerry brown is going to tax the last six guys. and now this guy is basically his slogan, his campaign slogan is i need dope in order to focus. you can't pay attention. >> if you keep stressing that marijuana is fun, no one is going to legalize it. or if you call it medical marijuana no one will legalize it. that works. brooke you are high right now. i can smell you from a mile away. do you think obama is a hipocrite on drug laws? >> loaded question. i want to address your other point. if you are going to admit to smoking pot while running for congress, admit you like it. that's the reason. none of this bs, the add or attention deficit disorder, that's not why people smoke pot. number two, if you want to attack it, your beef is not with the feds. it is with the supreme court. they ruled that growing a personal plant of marijuana and smoking it and not selling it somehow is a substantial affect on interstate commerce. that is the credible legal argument gets the feds regulating marijuana. joy that's why we have her here. -- >> that's why we have her here. never mind
am steve chenevey. >> i am pamela brown. cynne simpson is on assignment. it's parts of northern virginia still under water. it's all because of a slow- moving storm that caused flash floods across the region overnight. manassas keeping a close eye on the water levels as they continue cleaning up after yesterday's direct hit. if we get more this morning from john gonzalez. >> the sights and sounds of a normally tranquil occoquan creek in prince william county is something residents have not seen in a long time. >> this is insane, the craziest i've ever seen it. barrels getting beat up down there. >> an overnight deluge raised the water level near the dam of dumphries road by six and a half feet forcing some evacuations. >> i've never seen it like this in 23 years. the rena and has fallen in the past 24 hours has overwhelmed waterways and created a ton of problems from road washouts to dozens of flooded streets. >> there's not much you can do. you just a with the vehicle and hope it stops somewhere. county fire and rescue crews pulled a dozen drivers out of harm's way. >> in just
for helping get cash from the gray campaign into the hands of minor candidate sulaimon brown. yesterday gray's assistant treasurer thomas gore pleaded guilty for his role in the scheme aimed at helping gray defeat incumbent mayor adrian fenty. >> did you know of this activity, what they were doing? >> again, i'm not going to comment. we'll let the investigation play out. >> today howard brooks like thomas gore yesterday is looking at serious prison time not because of their original actions of giving money to sulaimon brown but because of the cover-up and the information filed federal court today the document says brooks told fbi special agents he never gave candidate b or candidate b's campaign any cash, money orders or other types of payment. he lied. sulaimon brown in a statement today called on mayor fray to resign from office. he charge -- gray to resign from office. he charged he was given money orders, cash and a job in the administration in exchange for his work on behalf of great campaign. brown was eventually fired for alleged incompetence. mayor gray has steadfastly denied any kno
water reddish brown. warm winter and heavy rains last year washed pollution into the bay. in the "medical alert," your skin could save your heart. researchers in israel have taken at skin cells from heart failure patients and program them into new heart muscle cells, which are able to fuse with existing heart tissue and repair damage and a the most -- the oldest and most advanced patients. there is little chance of the immune system rejecting them, but it could take at least 10 years before clinical trials began. good news for coffee drinkers -- i love it reports like this. a new 13-year study shows that coffee drinkers could live longer than those who do not indulge in a daily cup of joe. >> americans love their jolt of java. new research from the national institutes of health and aarp showed that two, three, up to 6 c. a day could be good for you. >> anybody who drinks up to six cups a day is welcome here, for short. >> researchers over 13 years studied coffee habits of over 14,000 people between ages 50 and 71 and found that men who drank 6 c. of coffee a day had a 10%
in a lot of conspiracy what is going down? blacks are leaving town i want to talk to governor jerry brown president chiu: thank you. next speaker. are there any members of the public who wish to speak in public comment? please lineup. >> my name is larry. i want to be called juicy world peace g-mail. harvey milk, i went to the day historic society and spent two hours there this morning. harvey milk was killed by a policeman. now i hear about brother josiah who ran in 1961. we have so much history here. i tell you to go up there and see that. it is historic. there is a lot of black history, talking about who we are as a people. josiah said he was in the army in 1942. i am here to give a shout out to the president and the mayor. the president has given us gay marriage. i realize that a lot of us did not come from marriage families. my marijuana people do not like president obama because of the marijuana. it is between the marijuana people and the church people. medical marijuana and same gender marriages. we need more marriage and death in this country. today, they have called for more
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of their own who was killed while working a security job. family and friends of the late trooper wesley brown will join maryland officials to dedicate a highway sign in his honor. the maryland state highway administration will put up a sign with brown's name along the beltway near the forestville barracks. the 24-year-old was shot and killed working security at the applebee's in forestville in 2010. cyril williams is serving a life sentence without parole for the death. >>> one of vincent gray's former campaign aides is facing jail time after pleading guilty for his actions during the 2010 mayoral campaign. thomas gore pled guilty to felony lying and destruction of evidence. he admitted he funneled money from gray's campaign funds to candidate suleman brown. in exchange, brown made negative campaign attacks on then-mayor adrian fenty. gore's lawyer could not say if mayor gray knew what was going on. he faces up to 18 months in prison. >>> a court ruling may keep an arlington county woman from displaying a huge mural of dogs. kim hauten owns wag more dogs. she painted a mural of pets playing o
. >> that was horace homes. funeral plans for chuck brown and are starting to come together. a service will be held on thursday. a venue has not been chosen but it could be the convention center or the horizon center. he died last week at the age of 75. coming up on abc 7 news, a homeless man was shot and killed. >> a child is placed in a washing machine that automatically turn on. see what had to be done to free the little boy. >> a yorkie is stolen >> an airline has done a with one of its family friendly policies. >> united airlines will no longer allow families to preboard. >> this family is flying to florida today for vacation. they're counting on the extra time it will have to board with their two children. if they were to fly united they would no longer have the luxury of boarding before other families. >> it will make a harder to find a spot to put our backs. >> imagine boarding all the families. it will be chaos. >> united is doing away with early boarding for passengers with small children. in a statement released they said -- other airlines like american, u.s. airways, and delta allow fam
diverted gray campaign funds to minor candidate brown. the plan was to have brown stay in the race as long as possible and launch political attacks on incumbent mayor fenty during the 2010 campaign. >>> a judge has found richard kim guilty of selling alcohol to a minor. now, kim owns the town square market on mcarthur boulevard and northwest. 9 news now has been investigating that place since last december. we witnessed dozens of alcohol purchases made by teenagers who said they were as young as 14. kim will be sentenced next month. >>> in campaign 2012 news tonight, it's not much more than a formality, but gop presidential candidate mitt romney has a couple more wins under his belt. the presumptive republican nominee claimed victories in kentucky and arkansas tonight. the obama administration is attacking romney's record in the business world. he helped start a company that knees pizza profitable but shut down others like missouri steel. the president's team calls romney's time at bane fair political gain. >> he's not running on his record, because he hasn't on his record in mass
trooper killed in the line of duty two years ago. it is to honor trooper wesley brown shot to death in june 2010 while work part-time security at an applebee's. the sign unveiling will take place along interstate 495 near the state police barracks. the shooter was sentenced to life in prison earlier this month. >>> today ravens head football coach john harbaugh will receive an outstanding civilian service award for the support of the u.s. army. it will happened in jirnlg. he is begin the award because of his initiatives showing thanks to our service members. the army says he boosted morale by giving opportunities to attend baltimore ravens practices and games and also meet the team members. >>> final game of the a 3-game set between the o's and red sox this afternoon. 12:35 first pitch. last night ryan tossed a gem in the win. home run in the 4th and 7th. but the pitcher was on fire. giving up two hits and allowing 3 base runners in 6 innings. jake goes for baltimore today. >>> you can find true love at any age and a frederick woman says at 70 years old she found mr. right. >> she w
the brown james for two of his 30 points miami wins by 32 and take a 32 series lead and a keen desire to the prairies in game 5 of the western conference finals scored the winner in overtime and they're going to the standing cup finals for the first time since 1993 when wayne gretzky was on that team. the senate they charge are going to the finals. it's a lasting stand with the clippers. ,,,,
, little star." prince's "purple rain," a charlie brown christmas, and one that caught our ear. >> franklin d. roosevelt stood beside chief justice hughes on the steps of the capitol on that raw afternoon of march 4, and a nation with 15 million unemployed upon listened. >> let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. >> pelley: the recordings is called "i can hear it now." 13 years of history from f.d.r.'s inauguration in 1933 through his funeral and the end of world war ii in '45. narrated by edward r. murrow. >> a city watched, a nation listened. arthur godfrey, an old washington hand, described it. >> and now just-- just coming past the treasury, i can see the horses drawing the caisson. >> pelley: the project was the brainchild of cbs news producer fred friendly. when a musician strike left columbia records in need of material, he went through 500 hours of radio broadicate caste to create what he called a scrapbook of the ear. >> the forces of germany have surrendered to the united stateses nations. the flags of freedom fly all over europe. >> pelley
." >> also on the list, donna summers, the grateful dead and "a charlie brown christmas." >>> what happens when a guy walks into a bar with a zebra and a parrot? he gets turned away, of course. zebras and parrots don't belong in bars. but it's not the end of the story. >> driving out of the parking lot with the zebra and the parrot on his front seat, he was pulled off by police. it turns out his blood alcohol level was 0.14, which is well over iowa's 0.08 legal limit. and he was arrested. >> hard to know where to start with that story. first of all, you don't drive under any circumstances. and you particularly don't want to call attention to yourself call attention to yourself when you have a zebra and a parrot in your car. >> it's great that his girlfriend or his wife say they ride around with them all the time. they like the ride. they like going out for fresh air. why do you have a pet zebra? >> you can walk down the street with it. just don't go into the bar. that's another weird one. >> so, here's a question. what happens when you were walking to the bar? you didn't get pulled over by
to keep her going here. thank you. president yee: john templeton, reginald brown, take two minutes. >> one of the reasons why there are such disparities in the achievement gap is the failure of the district to connect african-american students with local history. a good way to springboard into the next year, we are doing a series on african americans in the golden gate bridge that ties into the anniversary. students will be able to see some of the important changes going on during those three years as the bridge was been built. many of those changes resonate to the state. there is also opportunity in the directive on monday for professional development tied around a gentleman named doctor robert gordon. anytime you use a laser pen, you are relying the patents he did. on june 14, we have professional development. it will teach how to replicate his success. he was a national merit scholar, the was the first black to get a ph.d. in applied science from stanford. if he was able to do that, we need to look at what were the factors that helped him to be successful. this professional development
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